Luminati Egyptian Travel has been organizing journeys to Egypt since 1997 with our affiliates in Egypt, Quest Travel.  Our relationship with experts on the history and modern life of Egypt allows travelers to participate in a journey that will take them beyond the 'tourist to the pilgrim'.  We specialize only in Egypt so our guests can be confident that they will have the best journey available.  The tours that are provided very from archeological tours to golf trips on the Red Sea.

When possible our guests have unique opportunities that are not always available to the public such as:

    -spending time at the Paws of the Sphinx instead of viewing it from above

    -going inside the Great Pyramid privately

    -exculsive visits with the hierarchy of the Coptic Church

    -private lectures with top Egyptolgists such as Zahi Hawass

    -visiting working archeological sites

    -experiencing ancient temples privately at night or at sunrise

    -private visits to the Cairo Museum

    -speciality dinners in exotic venues

Every step of the way our guests are our main focus.  Each group is accompanied by an expert Egyptian Egyptologist guide and hostess from Luminati to make certain that every detail is handled for a remarkable travel experience. Luminati's mission statement is to offer 'All of Egypt' to our travelers through special interest journeys with the highest standard of service.  We are committed to providing the experience of a lifetime for each guest.

When Luminati journeys to Egypt, Quest Travel is our exclusive leading tour provider. Quest Travel works to provide us with the finest experience possible. They are the top in their field and have won many awards from the Minister of Tourism of Egypt as well as being named the #1 Company in Egypt by the Sonesta Group among 2200 companies total and receiving 3 years in a row the Oberoi Hotel Award for being among the 10 top travel companies in Egypt.

Quest Travels mission statement is "to introduce the many aspects of Egypt to our clients in unique and personal ways while preserving and protecting our monuments and ancient and modern cultures.  We strive to assure that each person who has traveled with Quest goes home changed forever by all they have experienced."

Our success as a tour provider depends completely on the satisfaction of our guests. Please, see below what others are saying.

"Egypt is stunningly beautiful and part of me lives on in the desert, in the temples and in the people. There is a strong call to return. The group will be my family forever."  -Gillian

"I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for my journey to Egypt.  I will never forget this special time in my life.  The people and energies of the land, visiting the temples, the cruise on the Nile and shopping at the marketplace.......the highlight of riding the camel to the Great Pyramid. It was a journey of coming home."  -Katasha

"My husband and I went on one of the Egypt trips with Luminati tours. Everything was first rate................... The tour itself went way beyond expectations. There were too many exceptional "additions" to an already fabulous itinerary to mention here. Suffice it to say my husband and I still talk about this trip to everyone; it was beyond expectations and one of life's highlights that will never be forgotten."  -James and Sue

"I just couldn't let another day go by without a brief note telling you how absoluely fabulous the trip was!  Everywhere I go people are enchanted by the stories of our amazing adventures. Thank you for taking such great care of us."  -Kathleen

"Just a big Thank You for all of your good efforts getting our wonderful trip to Egypt organized and keeping us on course throughout.  It was truly a magical experience."   -Amanada

 "In some ways I am still in Egypt.  I have been flooded with images for days.  It was a very, very powerful trip for me......The itinerary was fabulous and very well balanced with time for activityu, time for reflectionk time for shopping and time for fun. I would readily recommend Luminati to anyone who is planning to go to Egypt.  Thank you very, very much for making this extrordinary trip possible."  -Carmen de Monteflores

"What a fabulous trip!  I love the energy of Egypt and everthing that we saw answere able to be a part of. Wow! The experience and memories for me are priceless......The savings program worked great forme and I hightly recommend it.  Thanks again for everything."  -Sherry

"Thank you for the most wonderful trip of my life.  There was just so much that was so wonderful!  The entry into the ancient sites in private was beyond my hopes and imagination.......The cruise down the Nile, the rest at the beautiful Red Sea, the laughter and smiles, the dancing and music, the luxury, the warm welcomes, the history, the temples, everything was greatly appreciated.  I intend to return!"   -Mary Lynn

"I am still assimilating my journey.  It was amazing. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime. Truly!  Thanks to the savings program I was able to actualize a dream I have had my entire life.  I would highly recommend Luminati Travel to everyone interested in walking the sands of Egypt.  I will never forget this incredible trip."  -Hillary

"I can't thank you enough for the great trip.  I couldn't have imagined the experiences that waited for me.  The highlight was the private time in the Great Pyramid.  I didn't want to leave.  The savings program worked great for me as that is the only way I could have gone.  Thanks much!" -Judy

"Still spinning from my Egyptian dream trip.  I felt very much taken care of and greatly appreciated the way everything, every detail was handed for us.  And there were so many details, it's remarkable that everything ran so smoothly.  It just flowed and I trusted the whole process."  -Kate

"A wise women once said "words are beans".  On this trip this is true.  There are no words to describe a 'Path of Heart'.  It was said many times on the journey by our wonderful guide, "Do not try to understand every little thing.  Just feel time."  -Hillie

" The trip was wonderful and the savings plan was great.  So nice to know that the trip was paid for before I even left Honolulu.  The hotels were fabulous and the food was good.  Can't say enough about the guides and wonderful sites.  You folks truly provided us with a 'trip of a lifetime'.  I'm still feeling dreamy.  I would love to go back someday with you."  -Debi

"I am writing to let you know how thankful I am for my trip to Egypt.  Before going on the trip with you, I knew it would be a wonderful trip but I didn't know it would be the 'trip of my life' and I consider myself well traveled. It was really a pilgrimage where I learned sooo much as we visited the temples and pyramids.  Our guide was informative, interesting, charming and fun.  I appreciate all of Luminati's efforts to make us feel as if we were returning home and to make us feel like royalty as we stayed in the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Egypt where we were catered to endlessly. I can't wait to return to Egypt but only with Luminati who took such good care of me and everyone on our tour. It seemed like a dream, a beautiful dream, that I will keep in my mind and heart forever."  -Renee