Menita and Photon Energy

It’s time to register for Menita’s October 22-24 workshop at  We limit our workshops to 12 participates and you will not want to miss this one.

Menita will be teaching a new way to breath the light of spirit into our beings through a photon field of energy.   He will tell us about the field and how to use it for ourselves and humanity.  This field when accessed will facilitate faster healing and manifestation.  We will be working with powerful energy that when used properly will begin to bring in to the body what is necessary for illumination. 

When you see a picture from ancient times where people have a glow around them that is seen with the physical eye, you are seeing evidence of the photon energy.   This energy has been available since the beginning of time and has been accessed unconsciously for our everyday dramas.  It is time to shine this light consciously with intent.  We as a people can heal our world through true intention and action.

Friday night Menita will begin the workshop with a powerful meditation to bring the ‘photon field’ forward for each participate to access.  Saturday will mostly focus on perfecting the breath technique.   Our Sunday will begin before sunrise as we pull energy up from the earth and down from the heavens.   Each of us will have the opportunity to bring the energy forward for healing of ourselves, each other, and the earth herself. 

As always everyone is welcome to stay at Sanctuary for the weekend.   Beds are provided on a first come basis and we already have 4 participates registered.  Those that don’t score a bed have sofas and air mattresses to choose from as well as lounges outside for those that want to sleep under the stars.  Bringing a sleeping bag is useful in this case.  All meals are provided starting Saturday morning.

You will love this workshop not only because of what you will learn but because of the sheer value.  A wonderful weekend filled with knowledge, people of like mind, a bed, meals, and fun for only $300.   WOW!

Please, go to now and register.  After you register an email will be sent with directions to Sanctuary.  See you in a few weeks!

Shelia Reed

Channel for Menita Ishmil

Weekend Workshop

Just giving a ‘heads up’ to everyone interested in coming to Menita’s next workshop at Sanctuary here in Cave Creek, AZ.  He has not announced the subject, but has given me a date so that  you can mark your calendar.  The workshop will be the weekend of October 22-24, 2010. You can find details about our workshops on the website at   Menita will take only 12 participates, so reserve your space right away.  You don’t want to be disappointed.  Our workshops fill up quickly!  As soon as Menita gives me the subject, I will share it with you.  I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Just blog your comment or if it is private, send your question to  Hope to see you in October!

In Light,

Shelia Reed

Channel for Menita Ishmil

What a Day for a Day Dream

This time of year in Arizona is ‘thermometer breaking’ hot and muggy monsoon weather.  The air conditioning works over time and tempers flare from residents ready for cooler weather.  If there is a pool anywhere close, this is the time to use it.  The only problem is that it is too hot to even swim.  It is so easy to get sunburned that most of us prefer to swim at night.  However, the night is when the lighting storms come and it is not always safe to be in a pool.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Arizona!  What  to do…what to do!

When the work is done and the days are long, I like to sit quietly and meditate on the joys of living in such a beautiful place.  This gives me the opportunity to shift my negative thoughts into positive ideas.  As I meditate things start to shift into wonderful ways to enhance my life.  This gives my expanded self the chance to be creative and available. 

With this renewed experience I am able to see my day in a completely different way.  It is truly a day for a day dream.  Each day dream has elements of my deepest desires and the more I hold these desires in my heart, the more powerfully they manifest.  When I am back in my physical awareness my mind seems to be clearer and ready to play.  This is a good way to change anything in your life, not just your hot summer day. 

Take a moment to go within and allow yourself to feel refreshed.   All going within means is to sit or lay quietly with your eyes closed, clearing your mind of as much chatter as possible, relaxing your body from the toes up to your head, and allowing yourself to JUST BE.  If you find yourself judging the experience, gently ask the judgement to move away and breath deeply. If you sleep that is okay too.  The only rules are the ones you choose to create.  You are the master! 

Maybe you will day dream of a wonderful ice castle or a fresh cool ocean breeze.  Better yet let your expanded awareness take you to places you would not normally go.  Let your imagination soar! You may be surprised at what adventures you will experience by relaxing and giving yourself permission to day dream.  You will feel healthier and happier.  Let me know how it goes.  I love to hear from you!  Shelia

King Tut’s Chariot

For those of you that have not had the opportunity to see the artifacts from King Tut’s tomb, his chariot  will be on display at the Discovery Times Square Exposition in New York City this fall.  Please, see the link below:

 If you are excited about seeing Tut’s chariot imagine viewing the entire collection that is housed in the famous Cairo Museum and visiting his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Luminati’s journeys to Egypt go to the Egyptian Museum with special guides that explain in detail Egypts deep history.  We also travel to Luxor to explore the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  Visit Luminati’s website,, to see a full itinerary of our special journeys.  Thank you!

Message from Dr. Meg

“There is no where we cannot go, nothing that we can’t discover. The entirety of creation is enfolded within us and there are places in our world where we can go that help us remember who we really are… Come with me! I will take you there…” Dr. Meg


Please, join us on this sacred pilgimage with Dr. Meg Blackburn, October 2-17, 2 010.  Register Now!